Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello to all who read this.  Recently, I did a Zumbathon benefiting the American Heart Association.  It was held at the Nellis Youth Center on Saturday, March 12.  With a co-worker by my side, we sweated and worked out for 2 hours.  The music was strong and rhythmic and that made me strong as well.  When they first announced this event, I didn't think I could do 2 hours of aerobics like this.  But my co worker, Jeanne said we could and I wouldn't pass out like I had thought I would.  With me being so out of shape, I really thought that I would be a bench warmer for most of the time.  Well, I was wrong.  When the event took place I started with the Zumba and kept on Zumba-ing my little heart out.  I actually kept up with everyone and did the entire 2 hours without sitting down while the exercise was taking place except during water breaks.

I was even givin a little red bracelet from one of the instructors, Destiny who thought I was working extra hard that day.  Thanks Destiny!  All in all I had a blast doing this and getting a great workout with lots of friendly people.  I want to thank the Zumba ladies for putting this event on and the Nellis Youth Center for letting us use their facilities and not complaining about all the loud music.  I would really like to thank Jeanne for talking me into joining this aerobics class in the first place.  I never would have known or even attempted to go into the gym that we go to if it wasn't for her information.  Thanks Jeanne! 

Well, I think I've gone on about this subject long enough.  I hope I can do another one of these in the future.  :-D